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Valentine Counting Clip Cards Printable

Can you believe January is coming to an end?  I will be happy to have warmer weather and sunshine again! I do love the month of February with all the fun themes: Groundhog Day, President's Day and of course Valentine's Day.  Here is a fun, interactive center activity for your classroom.  These Valentine's Day Counting Clip Cards can be used as an independent or small group center activity.


The packet includes number cards 0-20. The learners count the number of hearts on the love bugs and put the clip on the correct number. 

Just print the cards, laminate and cut. Place at a center for a fun Valentine's Day center activity.

Click the image below to download this center.


I hope you find these to helpful to you and your little learners!

Looking for other activities for the month of February? You may find these other packets helpful. 




I hope everyone has a great week!

Teachers Are Thankful For Teachers

As Thanksgiving approaches it is important to reflect on what and who we are thankful for. A group of teacher friends would like to thank our fellow teachers that work hard each and every day. Who couldn't use a $50 gift card to Target, TPT, Starbucks or Amazon? There are many ways to win so click the link below to enter to win one of the eleven cards available. Thank you so much for what you do for kids and enjoy the holidays!

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How to Prepare for Kindergarten Plus a Giveaway

As your child is preparing to enter Kindergarten, there are a many ways to help foster the necessary skills to allow them to be successful in the classroom.  Remember, just a few minutes a day can make the biggest difference!  Also, be sure to just have fun.  If your child doesn't possess all of these skills, it doesn't mean they are not ready.  It just means they need more practice.

Social/Emotional Development:
  • Leave your child with another adult for small amount of time to ease the transition of leaving your child on the first day.
  • Play various games with your child to allow them to learn what it means to take turns.
  • Model what it means to help clean up after playing with toys/game
Gross/Fine Motor Development:
  • Put puzzles together
  • Practice using scissors
  • Build with blocks
  • Use tweezers to move small items
  • String beads
  • Use playdough
  • Run, jump, skip
  • Throw/bounce ball back and forth 
Language Arts Skills:
  • Ask questions - not just yes and no questions.  Examples:  how can we make this building bigger? How did you know that?  Why did you use the color red?  Tell me more.
  • Practice upper and lower case letter recognition and sounds.
  • Read, read, read!  It only takes a total of 20 minutes a day to help improve essential reading skills.
  • Ask questions about books - who are the characters, what happened at beginning, middle and end of the story?  Look at the pictures and discuss what is happening. 
  • Practice name writing - use chalk on the sidewalk, trace in sand/salt tray, use paints to paint name
Math Skills: 
  • Practice counting objects
  • Practice counting aloud to 20
  • Look for shapes around the house/neighborhood
  • Look for/practice making patterns 
 Art Skills:
  • Use various tools to encourage art skills.  For example, chalk, paints, beads, crayons, markers
  • Use pretend play each day - always encourage the use of the imagination
  • Use imagination to draw and color on their own

I am giving away 2 Summer Preschool Packets.  This 60 page packet is filled with fun, hands-on activities to help develop many of the skills listed above.

Counting, number writing, fine motor skills:

Letter sounds, letter recognition, coloring, writing:

Be sure to enter the giveaway and visit my store for other products to help make the transition to Kindergarten easier.
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How To Improve Fine Motor Skills And A Fabulous Giveaway

As you know, fine motor skills are important to the development of children. Simple tasks such as tying shoes, brushing teeth, buttoning a shirt or using a zipper require strong fine motor skills.  There are several ways to incorporate activities into your daily classroom routine that will help develop these muscles.


Yes, it's messy and it gets on the floor and the kids step in it and then it's on the carpet and everywhere else.  However the benefits of using playdough is worth the mess.  When kids squeeze and manipulate playdough they are building the muscles in their fingers and hands.  These muscles are used for other skills such as holding a pencil and cutting with scissors.


Unifix cubes are another great fine motor skill tool.  The student push the cubes together to make a variety of towers and other structures. 


One of the students favorite items to use in the classroom are tweezers or grabbers. I have them out as a center to pick up a variety of items such as pom poms, seeds, beads, etc.  My kids always love to grab all sorts of things around the room with these wonderful tools.

Now for YOUR chance to win a set of Gator Grabbers for your classroom.  Just use the Rafflecopter below.

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Spring Blog Hop And A Math Center FREEBIE

I am so excited to be participating in the Springing Into Learning Blog Hop hosted by Elementary Antics this week.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this blog to see other blog posts and more freebies! 

In my classroom each morning, the Kinder Preppers come in and after washing their hands and moving lunch clips, they need to complete several centers while we wait for everyone to arrive.  First, they write their name and answer the question of the day.  Next, they do a letter activity - write on a whiteboard, make letters using yarn or pipe cleaners, etc.

After that they head to the math center.  This is where they can show me a number, make sets, etc.

The last several centers are usually puzzles, an art center and manipulatives to build with.
This daily routine makes for an easy transition as parents are leaving.  It also gives the students an opportunity to have conversations with one another.  I love listening to them discuss what they are doing in the center.

One of the centers I use for math is counting and number recognition.  My students love to count and manipulate items.  In this example, the students choose a cloud and then count out that number of raindrops to place below.

When we have center time later in the day, I leave the counting center out. This give the students an opportunity to count throughout the day.

If you would like to try this center out in your classroom, click here.  I hope you and your students find it fun and beneficial.

What do you do in your classroom as part of the morning routine?

Be sure to visit the other blogs for great ideas and other freebies!

Read Aloud Activities

I cannot believe February is already here!!  Seems like the longer I teach, the faster the years go.  February is a great month to celebrate Groundhog Day, Dental Health, Valentine's Day and President's Day.  In my read aloud lesson plans for February I use fun, interactive activities for the students to polish their literacy skills.  The book we are using this week for Groundhog Day is called, Go To Sleep, Groundhog! by Judy Cox.  This is a student favorite each year.  I use anchor charts to help reinforce concepts we are learning. 

These are the anchor charts I choose from:

On Monday before reading, we look at the cover of the book and chart predictions of what we think the story will be about.  After reading the story, we look at our chart to see if any of the predictions were correct.  As we re-read them we circle the ones that were correct.

On Tuesday, we use the anchor charts to review what an author and illustrator do.  We then read the story again.  Afterwards we practice rhyming words.

Prior to reading on Wednesday, we review the parts of a book and then sequence the story.  Once we finish reading the book we decide if we forgot anything when sequencing.  To assist the visual learners, we use the following pictures to help sequence the story.

By Thursday, depending on the students, I may choose to read the story or  just review the story.  We then sort words that begin with the letter Gg.

Each Friday, the students get to voice their opinion of the book.  They can choose to write a journal entry that they liked the book or they did not.  They must always add why they feel that way!

Whew!  That is a lot of literacy skills practiced with one book.  Of course, I do read aloud other books through out the day, but I make sure I have one anchor book per week.

In my February Read Aloud Lessons, you will find great activities for the following books:
Go To Sleep, Groundhog! by Judy Cox
Love, Splat! by Rob Scotton
    charting characters, "the" activity, story writing
There Was An Old Lady That Swallowed A Rose! by Lucille Colandro
    sequencing story, "the" and "see" activity, adjectives, segmenting
President's Day by Anne Rockwell
    matching upper/lowercase letters, matching words with pictures




I hope you and your kids enjoy the read aloud lessons!

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